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Prices start "from"

You may have noticed the prices listed as "from". Put simply, building a website has many tasks that need to be completed to get you online and any image manipulation incurs additional fees, as it requires more time to complete.

Most sites will have the standard $20 per month hosting fees, however some that require more powerful servers and/or databases may incur a higher fee.

Of course, if there are going to be additional fees, clients are informed immediately.


SSL is an acronym for Secure Socket Layer, which is geek talk for encrypting all the information sent from the server your website is hosted on to which ever people are viewing it. This is a fundamental form of security, providing authentication and trust to your users

Accelerated Mobile Performance

The world is becoming more mobile every day and for the first time in history, mobile devices make up the largest browser usage. Because of this, Owlsite focuses in on the mobile technologies needed to enhance your users experience when on your site. Accelerated mobile performance is gained by reducing the bandwidth and requests needed to load your site by over 60%. The net result is your site loads twice as fast, thus enhancing mobile performance.

Protection Against Malicious Visitors

In addition to having all the normal layers of security, Owlsite includes an additional layer! This extra protection exists to prevent DDoS, Scraping and account takeovers from the increasing frequency and sophistication of bot attacks.

Monthly Reports

Want to know how many people visited your site? Maybe how many users are new to your site? If you choose Owlsite for all your hosting needs, you'll recieve monthly reports of your sites analytics, showing this information plus the security analysis.

Mobile Responsive Design

Ever been to a website on your phone where the text is tiny and you cant click the links easily? Owlsite believes 'mobile friendly' sites are the way of the future and prides itself on only producing mobile responsive designed sites. When you choose a mobile responsive designed site, the content will move around and adjust in its order, look and feel to accommodate the much smaller screen size of a mobile device.

Domain Set up and Secured

Domain set up and secured is simply saying Owlsite will take care of purchasing and managing your domain (subject to availability). Furthermore, through the use of online technologies your domain will be protected from hijackers (people trying to redirect your visitors to their site)

Social Media Integration

Have Facebook or Instagram? Maybe a different social media platform, it does not matter which. Owlsite will link your website to your desired social media. Just let us know which one and it'll be linked to increase the platforms on which your visitors can see and get in contact with you. Now that is clever marketing for your website and business or organisation.

Adaptive Solution

At Owlsite, all projects are built in such a way that if later you want to add in features found in other packages, such as email, then it can be easily added for a reduced cost. Additionally, other features can also be added easily, like custom databases or content management systems.

SEO Friendly

Confession.. All the websites produced by owlsite are SEO friendly. This means they are built in such a way that search engines (like google) can efficiently check your website to index it better within their database, thus making it easier to find by visitors.

Multiple Pages

Modern website design uses a single home page to display the majority or all of the information for visitors to see. All they need to do is scroll up, down or use internal links. Multiple pages refers to having more than just a single home page, just like this page your on right now! Multiple pages are used to give extra information to your visitors without cluttering up the main home page.

Easy Contact Form

Easy contact forms are just a mechanism for users to message you. A visitor would simply fill in the fields and press send. You will then recieve an email with a the message that you can address as per your business model.

Automated Email Responses

This is geek talk meaning that when a visitor messages you via a contact form, a generic message is sent back to the user, thanking them for contacting you. Automated email responses provide the next level of professionalism to your business or organisation by informing potential clients your intentions or just thanks when in receipt of a contact from your website.